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Dear Marketer,

It’s no secret that most companies aspire to innovate. But only few successfully embrace innovation in its true sense. With competition intensifying in every category, marketers who are willing to take a disruptive approach to solving problems or creating value will easily capture buyer interest. Innovation could mean so many things in today’s business context – from finding innovative ways of doing routine things to breaking away from the routine to create all together new products, services and solutions.

This week, learn how to push boundaries and create solutions that transform current ways of marketing. Rather than focusing on accommodating change, turn your attention to infusing extreme innovation into your marketing programs: one that attracts new customers and retains old ones.

#ArtificialIntelligence: 80% of marketing executives believe AI will revolutionize marketing by 2020. Are you ready for this transformation?
How do you show your customers they matter? AI tools that measure customer preferences, attitudes and emotions can be used to offer personalized recommendations to buyers. In this data driven world, AI based marketing can translate into unprecedented levels of customer engagement.
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#Trueinnovation: Innovation is more than a buzzword. Here’s how marketers can realize its true value.
Simply bandying the word ‘innovation’ is not likely to get marketers too far. To realize its true potential, you must pay attention to four important aspects of innovation. Curious as to what these aspects are? Check them out here.
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#Creativeculture: Competitive advantage lies in cultivating a creative culture that utilizes technology in the most unexpected ways, says survey.
Investing in the technology alone is not going to create advantage. Developing a creative culture that puts technology into practice for spurring true innovation is the ideal way to do it. Yet a Pepperjam Adobe Summit Survey found that only 7% marketers rank 'creative culture' as their top priority. Buck this trend and develop a culture that uses technology to enhance customer messaging, targeting and engagement.
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#OptimizeUX: As more consumers prefer shopping in physical stores, creating evocative shopping experiences can deepen engagement.
According to a study, 85% consumers prefer shopping in brick and mortar stores. Companies are leveraging interactive display, digital signage, beacons and wearables to create more engaging experiences. If you are a retailer, here are four marketing innovations that can help you create memorable and visceral brand experiences.
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#Contentmarketinginnovation: Push the envelope on content marketing innovation to create a unique voice and image for your brand.
With every brand taking to content marketing, only those that strive to stay on the cutting edge will succeed. Take a leaf out of these eight companies’ content marketing playbooks to transform your brand.
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