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Dear Marketer,

To say that today’s business environment is complex and unpredictable is an understatement. Consumer expectations continue to evolve even as competition tightens. Marketers certainly don’t have it easy. They need to simultaneously keep their pulse on customer preferences as well as competitor strategies. Even though there is an abundance of data today, collecting and collating market intelligence can be a headache, if marketers don’t have the right tools.

This week, we look at how you can easily gather market intelligence with user-friendly tools and leverage the insights to better engage your customers and boost your business.

#BusinessIntelligence: What if you are technophobic? Are there simple tools to gather market intelligence?
@CMO: As a marketer, you want to generate the best content for your audience but you find it challenging to accurately size up your viewers and measure your performance. Being data averse can prevent you from generating leads and acquiring customers. Check out these eight business intelligence tools that will help you get started in case you are less technologically inclined.
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#CompetitiveIntelligence: Chatbots can make it easy for you to gather competitor intelligence, helping you save time and effort.
@CMO: To win in the marketing battlefield, you not only have to keep your pulse on customer behavior but also keep tabs on your competitors. It is an onerous task that requires using multiple standalone tools to study different aspects of competitor tactics. See how this chatbot can help you figure out just what your competitors are up to - without using different tools.
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#SocialListening: Use the right tools for social listening - you will literally have market intelligence at your fingertips.
@CMO: The online world is rife with comments and discussions about every topic under the sun, including your brand. Tapping into the readily available information on social media helps you understand your audiences, without the extensive cost and timelines involved in traditional market research. Learn more about the benefits of social listening and how it can be used as a stand-alone research method.
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#CustomerExperience: See how using data intelligence is paying off big time for Lululemon, a Canadian athletic retailer.
@CMO: At the end of the day, marketing is not just about sales. It is also about building long term relationships with customers by getting to know them intimately. This requires the use of CRM tools and data analytics to personalize your messaging and engagement. Check out how Lululemon used its data to enhance customer experiences and relationships.
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#ContentMarketing: Your content marketing is only as effective as your understanding of your customer.
@CMO: For your content marketing to be effective, your team must produce relevant and targeted content. But to do this, you have to first gather relevant intelligence on your customer. Here are three ways you can use customer intelligence to improve your content strategy.
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