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Dear Marketer,

If you think the rate of adoption of marketing technology is going to be slow, here is a news flash - CMOs are predicted to invest a massive $32.4 billion in technology by 2018. What does this mean? Marketers looking to bridge gap between consumer experiences and marketing operations must invest in relevant marketing platforms to stay competitive. But investing willy-nilly in marketing technologies is not going to help. The investments need to aligned with your broader organizational goals and customer-centric strategies to produce the desired results. In this issue, we take you through the current Martech landscape and the tools you can harness to execute superior marketing programs and campaigns.

#EmbraceMartech: Chances are you are already using software to drive content marketing effectiveness. Here are some strategies to help you onboard new tools.
@CMO: Convincing team members to use new technology can be challenging. Creating the right culture, making policy changes, and building a solid business case can make all the difference. Get the lowdown on five strategies that can help you fast track technology adoption.
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#Marketingtechnologytools: Take a cue from Scott Brinker’s 2017 Marketing Technology Landscape Map to improve your MarTech stack.
T@CMO: 5000 companies now offer MarTech solutions – up significantly from 150 in 2011. Here’s a fun infographic that captures the phenomenal growth of MarTech solutions over the years.
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#Riseofmarketingtechnology: CMOs can no longer rely on their gut to connect the dots between marketing, sales and revenue. This is where technology comes in.
@CMO: Marketing technology not only arms CMOs with the ability to assess the ROI of every media buying partner but also identify agencies that are under performing. Find out how you can use technology to gain more insights into your marketing campaigns and programs.
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#Marketingtechnologymistakes: Investing in MarTech is just half the job. The other half involves integrating the technology with a customer engagement strategy.
@CMO: Integrating a customer-centric strategy with Martech is critical to engaging today’s tech savvy customers. However, most companies leverage technology for tactical functions. Here are five ways you can avoid expensive marketing technology mistakes.
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#EnhanceROI: With savvy marketers increasingly investing in marketing technology, it is becoming crucial to tie MarTech platforms to improved performance and positive ROI
@CMO: 87% of marketers credit MarTech for their superior marketing performance Ensuring optimal ROI requires a strategic approach to selecting MarTech solutions - one that mitigates 'analysis paralysis' and enables sound decision making. Here are 5 ways to ensure superior ROI for your marketing technologies.
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