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Dear Marketer,

Modern day marketers are constantly monitoring trends and proactively building agility to adapt to an ever changing landscape. Despite this, problems and challenges abound. But challenges are not all bad. They can be opportunities for enhancing creativity, improving processes and driving growth.

This week, we look at some of the common challenges that marketers face and offer tips on how to overcome them, to ensure uninterrupted marketing success.

#ContentMarketing: Content marketing has been a huge hit, no doubt. But if you are preparing to make further investments in this space, you will first need to overcome one major challenge.
@CMO: Marketers realize the effectiveness of content marketing and are eager to invest in it further. However, to realize its true potential, you must first address one major challenge: the shortage of knowledge and resources. Here are five things you can do to address this challenge and drive content marketing success in 2017 and beyond.
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#InfluencerMarketing: How can you overcome the biggest challenge in influencer marketing – that of building strong and lasting relationships with influencers?
@CMO: Influencer marketing drives customer engagement and improves business results. But for marketers who are attempting it for the first time, it can prove to be a demanding task. If you are planning to use influencer marketing, here’s how you can conquer its four major challenges.
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#EmailMarketing: Email marketing is the most effective and the least complex to execute. If you can overcome some of the common challenges, you can enhance its ROI even further.
@CMO: Email marketing cosnsitently delivers great results. Given its effectiveness, it makes sense to scrutinize the challenges that prevent you from maximizing its ROI. Learn how to address the most common email marketing challenges to get the most out of this channel.
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#GlobalMarketing: While achieving global marketing campaign success is not easy, the right set of automation tools can help you drive success.
@CMO: With the global nature of businesses today, it is important to customize your campaigns to reach a targeted set of audiences. A good foundation in customer data and business intelligence helps in tailoring the campaigns but this comes with its own set of challenges. When it comes to rolling out a global campaigns, look out for these typical problems to enhance marketing success.
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  #MarketingChallenges Marketers are under constant pressure to deliver to multiple organizational goals. Here are the top five challenges and tips on how to overcome them.
  @CMO: Marketing teams are consistently under pressure to deliver and contribute to the bottom line. With so much to achieve, marketers are often confronted with conflicting priorities that make it difficult to achieve business results. Check out how you can beat the top five marketing challenges to see your efforts pay off.
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