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Dear Marketer,

What do dominant brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, McDonald’s, and Dominoes have in common? A great marketing strategy, no doubt. By adapting their strategies to reflect local cultures and languages, these companies have successfully created a strong market presence across the globe.

Marketing strategies in the digital age can never be static; rather they must be deliberate responses to the rapidly changing environment that businesses operate in. And if that means redefining your marketing strategy on a weekly basis in light of changing demographics and customer behavior - then so be it. Agility and fluidity are quintessential to successfully deploying new marketing strategies while remaining true to your overarching brand message.

As you roll up your sleeves to formulate your marketing strategy for 2017, we’ve put together some articles on what it takes to create successful marketing strategies in a fast changing world.

 Happy strategizing!

#SocialMedia: Attract, engage, and convert: Build a social media marketing strategy that works.
With the number of social media users set to reach the 2.5 billion mark in 2017, a powerful social media strategy can help you create a strong connection between your customers and your brand. However, if your strategy fails to take into account factors such as who your customers are, what your competition is doing, or what kind of content works with your target audiences, you will fail to realize its benefits. These eight essential elements can help you craft a successful social media strategy.
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#ContentMarketing: 75% of marketers are looking to step up their content marketing efforts this year. If you are one of them, you will need a game plan for success.
Content marketing is highly effective in reaching and engaging your existing customers as well as prospects. However, producing content willy-nilly is not going to get you the results you want. A well-documented content marketing strategy has been shown to be effective, helping marketers address issues as they come up. Here are 5 reasons why a sound content marketing strategy should be on your list.
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#LeadGeneration: Generating high quality leads is a top priority for 59% of B2B marketers. No surprise there! Here are 3 strategies that can get you what you want.
You are not alone if you find yourself falling short of the expected lead generation targets for the year. Adopting the right marketing strategies can help you get more qualified leads for your business. Check out the top three things you must do, at the very minimum, if you are looking to boost the quality of your leads.
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#OnlineMarketing: Does your online marketing strategy have what it takes to market your business in the digital world?
Unlike any other industry, digital marketing evolves at an incredible clip. As online marketing bulldozes its way into 2017, you will need to plan ahead, anticipate trends and jump on opportunities before your competition does. Check out five tips that can make your online marketing strategy a roaring success in the new year.
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#MarketingStrategies: If you are a small business looking to lift your brand and grow your business, these simple marketing strategies are what you need.
Some businesses make the mistake of sticking to a set marketing plan year after year. It’s important to realize that marketing is a process that takes into consideration what you are trying to achieve. It involves setting goals and following through with a series of marketing strategies. These six marketing strategies can help you bring in more customers and sales.
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