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Dear Marketer,

B2B marketing is reportedly getting simpler as it starts to mirror successful B2C marketing techniques, especially in the realm of social media. At the same time, there’s no denying that it faces added levels of complexity with new technology adoption by customers and a growing focus on marketing ROI.

With an expected industry growth rate of 12.9%, B2B marketers have their work cut out for them in the new year. They will need to keep up with demands for data analysis, marketing automation, and Account Based Marketing (ABM) while simulating the B2C approach to customer experience (CX) and delivering award winning campaigns.

To help B2B marketers meet and beat the expectations for 2017, this week, we focus on the important ingredients of successful B2B marketing programs and campaigns.

Here’s to your success!

#MarketingPerformance: In 2017, marketing performance management (MPM) spells marketing success.
Often, marketing departments strategize and plan based on changing trends. Strategic goals are sometimes sidelined for a more tactical approach. Regardless of which trends you might be following, the focus is always on revenue. Here are five key changes impacting B2B businesses in 2017, making MPM a top priority.
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#SearchengineMarketing: Looking to leave your competition in the dust? Check out these five tips to jump-start your search results.
Search engine marketing is only getting more complex with the constant shifts in technology. For digital marketing success, make sure you dominate Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), leverage testing for superior conversion, exploit attribution insights, and evaluate ROI holistically.
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#B2BmarketingPredictions: Make unified technology and data-driven customer experience the two lynchpins of your marketing programs.
With the continued proliferation of marketing technology (Martech), integrating all aspects of your technology should be an important objective for the year. Using the connected technology to deliver superior customer experiences should be your next objective. Use these two predictions to help your business succeed in 2017.
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#B2Bmarketing: Consolidation, Convergence and Collective are the three C’s that will dominate B2B marketing in 2017
While Account Based Marketing (ABM) took over B2B marketing in 2016, the new year will see a consolidation of ABM vendors and tools, increased collaboration between sales and marketing, and the creation of data collectives. See how new ways of thinking about technology and data will rule the roost.
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#ContentMarketing: What are B2B marketers looking to do differently when it comes to content marketing? Check out the top trends for 2017.
With a year gone by, every marketer is busy assessing what worked and what did not. As you make a list of lessons learnt and key takeaways from your content marketing initiatives in 2016, keep an eye on the top trends for 2017 – check out this infographic.
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