Five Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing helps turn your business into a profitable investment. Email marketing drives significant results especially for small businesses. It helps your business improve lead generation, conversion and revenue. One of the main benefits of email marketing is - it is more cost-effective when compared to other marketing channels.

With millions of emails fighting for a customer’s attention on an average day, managing to stay on top of their mailbox is a major task. But if you think this might be an unachievable target, then you are in for a surprise. As with any marketing strategy, there are a list of do’s and don'ts to kick start your email marketing off the right foot. Here's a list of simple steps that can help you catch the attention of any customer you wish to target.

Five Do’s of Email Marketing

Do personalize your mails – Personalization is the first step to gain the trust of the customer, without which your mail maybe treated as any other promotional mail. Start the mail with a personal message, preferably greeting with the customer' s name and sketch out the mail to suit the customer's needs and interests. Sending the mail from a real person's account is always a bonus point, as the customer can relate to the person sending the mails. Short and catchy subject lines are sure shot winners and are sure to welcome new customers to open up your emails.

Do offer new and fresh content – Customers are seeking fresh perspective in all fields and offering them what they already know and have is definitely not going to help. Focus on a single topic and ensure that you highlight the selling points.

Do the segmentation – Target your customers as per their interests, demographics and needs. This helps cater to a larger audience with customized content and messages to give the individual a better experience depending on their segment.

Do track your mails – Spending time to track your mails can help channelize your time and effort in the right direction. Click rates, conversions, open rates and customer demographics needs to monitored and tracked regularly to know the prospective customers and in turn retarget them with the appropriate messages.

Do showcase your brand – Branding is a pivotal aspect of marketing and use your emails to showcase your brand and direct them to the homepage of your website. A responsive design is what is required to reach across all channels of communication.

Five Don’ts of Email Marketing:

Don't use promotional content – Using promotional content in the message or the subject is sure to not take your mail to the inbox, hence losing out on prospective customers. Customers have enough marketing calls, and you don't want to be one of them.

Don't forget to socialize – Reach out to customers through multiple avenues like Twitter, Facebook, Linked in and so on, which is where the social activity is. Have profiles in all the social sites to retarget the customers.

Don't carbon copy – Tweak the content to the customer's choice and remember not to mail all customers in one go. Individual mails means individual attention and it gets the interest it deserves.

Don't spam the inbox with too many mails – Sending mails too frequently will not solve the purpose. Take your time to reach to customers with fresh and innovative content EVERYTIME.

Don't ever bury the unsubscribe button - Customers stay if they want to and forcing them to stay does more harm than good to your overall brand image.

All these said and done, the basis of all email marketing campaigns is ‘dare to be different’, project your brand unconventionally, as everything was new to everybody at some point of time. Now you are all set to run email campaigns that stays on top of your target's inbox!


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