5 tips to boost landing page conversion rate

While new-age business firms have adapted the trends of online marketing, their success relies on many factors such as, the ability to generate more pay-per-clicks, establish brand dominance and engage with customers; all with the hope of generating more traffic and converting them into leads. However, by developing an efficient SEO programme alone will not benefit businesses. What is needed is an effective landing page design that helps convert traffic to leads, create a sales funnel and eventually optimize business profits.

The need of a Landing Page

To achieve a particular goal, Landing page is needed. It may be building a brand or promote a new product or increasing your sales etc.,

Effective elements of good Landing page design

What can be a good landing page conversion rate? Every business is unique and a common framework cannot be built. There are few components that helps to keep the visitors highly engaged where the chances of converting leads to prospects is highly possible. So, for a high converting landing page, there are several characteristics that are to be practiced in common.

Tips to boost landing page conversion rates:

Creating a catchy headline

Creating a catchy headline is the most crucial part when it comes to marketing the website. A great headline not only gives the idea of the service or product but also make to understand the brand and its culture. Make sure it grabs attention or instigates a sense of curiosity. This will give a purpose to stay and find out more, thereby, resulting in more leads.

Clean template

How often have you tried to view a webpage but failed due to annoying navigation bars, pop-up ads or inappropriate CTAs. It is surprising to know that only 16% of landing pages are free of navigation bars. It’s obvious that visitors would not stay on a webpage that harasses them with promotional gear. A simple and neat website layout will help users focus on what’s important to them, before trying to make a sale.

Format the messaging

To convert traffic to leads, an effective and a compelling landing page content is the key. But one of the latest trends that has gained popularity since late 2015 is the use of videos. The content world is going dynamic with the intervention of videos being used as a tool for messaging. As a matter of fact, the usage of videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%.

Position a strong CTA

Make the CTAs subtle yet demanding. Don’t force the CTAs upon the visitors. Allow them to get a feel about the business and how it can benefit them. While a good CTA is the heart of a landing page and the trigger to good business, it’s important that the thought and strategy be put into developing one. Statistics show that more than 90% of visitors, who read the headlines, also read the CTA copy. Make them understand the USPs and formulate an intelligent CTA method, to help increase the conversion rates.

Practice what you preach

Ensure that the content on the ad is the same as is on the landing page. Or even surprise them with special offers, discounts or free newsletters and create a reliability. Give the assurance that its genuine and not just another money making business. This will push them to click the sign-up button without hesitation.


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